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RegCure Review

Registry Repair Ability
Ease of Use
Customer Support

Known for both its speed and accuracy, RegCure receives our highest mark and is our number one choice when it comes to registry cleaners. If you are having a problem with your Windows registry, this is a program that can help you to overcome it.

Actual User Feedback:

"Regcure is a pretty cool software that was worth the money - it made my computer work about 40% faster."
Actual User Comment from forums.cnet.com

"The application looks good and integrates perfectly in Vista shell. All the menus and options are in plain view and easy to access."
Actual User Comment from softpedia.com

"it does what it says with regards to removing unwanted things in your registry"
Actual User Comment from answers.yahoo.com

"No more blue screens, error messages, shutdowns, or reboots and my computer is so much faster."
Actual User Comment from pcregistrycleanerreviews.com


What it Claims to Do:

RegCure is one of those registry cleaners that just seems to be able to do everything automatically. Before it even begins doing any work on your computer, it automatically backs up your registry, just in case there are any problems. It gets rid of a number of different errors that can occur within the registry, including program shortcuts that point incorrectly, invalid class keys and shell extensions, as well as invalid registry keys and a number of other problems that can really hamper your computing experience. It is easy to customize and can help you to speed up your computer or to get rid of many of the errors that you have been seeing.

What it Actually Does:

RegCure impressed us for a number of different reasons, including its speed, ease-of-use and the ability to turn a sluggish, and run down computer into something that is a joy to use.

Within 5 minutes, this program can scan your computer, make a backup to your existing registry and begin the process of cleaning house.

This is our top pick - no questions about it.


RegCure can help anybody to have a for enjoyable computing experience. Not only is it quick and accurate in what it does, it has a customer service staff behind it that it is ready and willing to help you if you should happen to run into a problem.

If you enjoy having a fast running computer that is free of errors and crashes, this program can help you to get there quickly

Recent Version History:
regcure v1 0.0 43
regcure 1.0
regcure 1.1 0.17
regcure 1.2
regcure 1.3
rg cure 1.3
regcure 1.3 0.2
regcure 1.4 0.4
regcure 1.5 0.0

Current Version:
RegCure 1.5

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