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RegDefense Review

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RegDefense is a registry cleaner program that works with many different operating systems within the Windows environment. It has been tested with Windows 2000, XP and Vista, both 64 bit and 32-bit.

Actual User Feedback:

"eliminated all those registry errors that kept buggin me, would recommend it"
Actual User Comment from ezinearticles.com

"RegDefense fixes many common problems without having to visit a computer technician."
Actual User Comment from download.com

"this thing corrected most of the errors, but it missed a bunch of them and I had to remove them manually"
Actual User Comment from answers.yahoo.com


What it Claims to Do:

RegDefense makes many of these same claims that other, comparable registry cleaners make. For example, they will help with a number of different errors that you may be seeing on your computer, such as DLL error messages, system errors and corrupted file errors. They also claim to speed up your computer significantly and help you to avoid computer freezes and crashes.

What it Actually Does:

RegDefense does a fairly good job of getting rid of many of the errors and in our own independent testing, we saw a significant improvement in the overall speed and handling of our computer. Unfortunately, it missed several key problems within the registry and we had to go in and fix these things manually. Interestingly enough, we read that other users were having a similar problem.


Nobody's perfect, but you should expect that a software program that claims to get rid of registry errors should be as close to perfect as possible. RegDefense did not create any problems on our computer but it did miss some of the existing problems that should have automatically cleaned. Although we were able to go in with the manual part of the program and correct them, this would be a difficult thing for somebody that is not familiar with the technology.

We would suggest that you look at a more automated and reliable registry cleaner, such as RegCure if you would like the job done thoroughly.

Recent Version History:

Current Version:
4.1 (2009)

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