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Registry Bot Review

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RegistryBot appears to be a solid program that gives you a good experience, from the moment you land on their webpage. We've heard a lot of good things about this program and are anxious to put it through the paces.

Actual User Feedback:

"It is perfectly safe, and is why PCMagazine, PCWorld, Worl Start, Info World and most of the others all say it is a good idea to use"
Actual User Comment from answers.yahoo.com

"RegistryBot can fix your computer problems in just minutes."
Actual User Comment from download.com

"As far as I can tell this product is exactly the same as ErrorKiller"
Actual User Comment from shoutdown.net


What it Claims to Do:

Judging by the speedometer that you see on the webpage, you can expect this program to speed up your computer significantly. To be certain, that is one of the main claims that RegistryBot makes. It also gives you one click Registry repair, as well as an ability to defrag the registry. One other thing that we found interesting is the claim that they can improve your start up time by up to 70%. I don't know about you, but waiting for my computer to start is one of the more frustrating aspects of using it. Any improvements in this area would be most welcome.

What it Actually Does:

In our independent testing, we found that RegistryBot was able to significantly improve almost all areas of our computing experience. Not only did the overall speed of the computer increase, it did remove many of the error messages that we were receiving as well. Most significantly, it was able to increase the startup time as promised and for this, we say thank you.


With RegistryBot, we feel as though we have a genuinely worthwhile product. If you're interested in having a better, overall computing experience, this software is worth downloading and using regularly. It lives up to its claims and some other big names are also very interested in what this software can do for them. Download it and use it, you will be happier with your computer as a result.

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