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Registry Easy Review

Registry Repair Ability
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Registry Easy 3.0 is not the most popular registry cleaner on the market, but it is definitely one of the best.

This product was produced by a Canadian company at registryeasy.com - an extremely underrated program and one that we highly recommend to remove your registry errors and problems resulting in a much quicker PC..

Actual User Feedback:

"I installed it and ran the scan. It found various problems about 700 and I repaired them."
Actual User Comment from pcpitstop.com

"It took a bit of time (which is a good thing) and it found over 1600 errors."
Actual User Comment from associatedcontent.com

"It speeded up my computer massivly"
Actual User Comment via video from eggheadcafe.com

"It's 'certified for windows vista' and is tested against hackers daily."
Actual User Comment from lockergnome.com

What it Claims to Do:

Registry Easy has a list of things that it does to help your computer run better. It starts out with a high-performance scan which will work duplicate files as well as invalid keys, fonts, shortcuts, start menu items and more. By cleaning these registry entries, you will end up with a computer that is faster and runs with far fewer crashes.

Like many other registry cleaners, Registry Easy has an automatic backup feature, just in case something should happen to go wrong. It optimizes your system, cleans your history and gives you a fresh start that you will love.

What it Actually Does:

Registry Easy does a good job of living up to it's claims and it's name. The user interface is easy to follow and it walks you through the entire process, leaving you with a clean computer that is faster and runs with far fewer errors.

One of our favorite features about Registry Easy is that their customer support staff is timely and gets back to you with answers to any questions that you may have. This feature is for fully registered owners, but it is well worth it.


Overall, we consider Registry Easy to be a simple to use, thorough and accurate registry cleaner, one that we would trust to run on our computer on a regular basis. It's a great way to gain back the speed of your computer without having to be technical minded.

Even though it is relatively unknown in the registry cleaner market, we have to say that this is an excellent way for you to tackle the registry automatically and come out on top.

Recent Version History:
registryeasy 2.0
registry easy 3.0
registry easy 2006
registry easy 2007

Current Version:
Registry Easy 2008

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