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Registry Winner Review

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When it comes to programs that are going to help our computers to run better, we are always looking for a winner. That is one of the reasons why Registry Winner caught our eye, and with a name like that, it will be interesting to see if they live up to it.

Actual User Feedback:

"I have been very impressed by Registry Winner"
Actual User Comment from blogspot.com

"professional and highly-efficient solution to set your PC in a fantastic state"
Actual User Comment from download.com

"immediately noticed a improvement in startup speed and Windows performance"
Actual User Comment from easy-pc-tools.com

"By using Registry Winner regularly, your system should... be more stable"
Actual User Comment from softpedia.com


What it Claims to Do:

Registry Winner makes a number of different claims. In fact, they make so many claims on their homepage that it is all but impossible to list them all. Some of them, such as speeding up your computer and having it run with fewer errors are easy to understand. Problems such as " Group Policy Editor" we thought were better left for those that understood them.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with them listing everything that could possible go wrong with your computer. We just feel that simplicity rules supreme in these cases.

What it Actually Does:

Registry Winner was able to successfully scan and automatically repair many of the problems that were inside of the windows registry, as well as other key areas of the computer. We don't know if it was able to fix everything that was listed under their long list of claims, but it was able to do enough to make us happy with the program.


Registry Winner is able to fix many of the problems that you might be experiencing with your computer. It isn't necessary for you to know exactly what it is doing in the background, the fact that it is able to improve your computer's performance is enough to make you keep using the program and enjoying the benefits.

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