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RegTool Review

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RegTool is one of those products that not only claims to help with the standard registry cleanup but it comes bundled with a number of other tools that can help to enhance your computing experience. Is it a tool that lives up to those expectations?

Actual User Feedback:

"RegTool review of my registry revealed a total of 420 errors found, ranging from Active X, OLE and COM items to Add/Remove Program items and File Association items."
Actual User Comment from squidoo.com

"Everything seems to be running right since the cleanup was done."
Actual User Comment from pcregistrycleanerreviews.com

"really helped speed up my machine"
Actual User Comment from cnet.com


What it Claims to Do:

RegTool makes the usual claims of speeding up your computer and removing many of the errors that are associated with registry problems. It does this by fixing a number of invalid settings and paths in the registry itself. Basically, if it doesn't fit, it is fixed and if it doesn't belong, it is removed.

Aside from those things, it has a number of other tools that can help you to keep your computer running smoothly. It optimizes the internet, has a supplementary defrag and cleans your history, clean as a whistle.

What it Actually Does:

Can RegTool live up to its promises? Yes, and it does a great job of doing so. Our test computer was clean and running smoothly after this program walked us through the process. In fact, it was really a rather pleasant experience and one that would be easy for anyone to follow.

Another thing that we found is that many of the tools that were bundled with the program were not only easy to use, they were beneficial to speeding up our computer as well.


RegTool gets our seal of approval, both for it's easy to use interface and for it's ability to get the job done right. If you are having problems of computer slowdown or windows crashing, this program can help you to automatically fix them with ease.

The tools that are included in the program are also a welcome addition and are worth the money, even if they did not come bundled with a top notch registry cleaner. This one is worth the download and you will find that your computer is running better as a result.

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